Who we are?

Welcome to Dessie’s Table, the newest addition to the Opportunity Village family, where we have been enhancing lives since 1954. We would like to invite you to our table so that you can be a part of something amazing. Everything good starts at a table; ideas, meetings, memories and lots and lots of delicious food. At Dessie’s Table it is two fold, not only will you experience our decadent cookies you will also make a difference in someone’s life. All proceeds, above and beyond costs, benefit Opportunity Village to help support individuals with intellectual disabilities we have a privilege to serve each day.

Dessie’s Table brings you a taste of home;

from our heart to your table.

Who is Dessie?

She is an inspiration. The namesake behind our newest addition begins with the history of our amazing organization. Dating all the way back to the 1950’s a group of families were changed when their children were born with disabilities. This was the start of many great challenges, but as doors closed it became their mission to focus on what doors they could open.

A small band of parents, Dessie among them, didn’t accept “No” during a time when there were no resources. Their perseverance, love, and determination brought them to each other which in turn gave their children opportunity. They formed an association; today it is known as Opportunity Village. A very special woman, Dessie Bailey was one of the first founders, volunteers, and board members. She grew up on a farm, baking goods, and doing very adult-like tasks. Her passion and determination made her an inspiration to many. We are proud to honor and cherish her name. With the Bailey family’s vision and the dedication of employees, volunteers, and a generous community, Opportunity Village has grown into one of the most highly respected and effective non-profit organizations in Southern Nevada.

We are now known worldwide as an innovative leader in serving people with intellectual disabilities.